Alert! Coral Calcium Supplements Scam

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The "discoverer" of coral calcium Dr Robert Barefoot claimed that the reasons Okinawans from Japan live longer was due to the fact that they have been drinking water rich in coral reef substances surrounding Okinawa. In addition, Dr Barefoot also suggested that coral calcium can "neutralize" the toxic acidity of our bodies as coral calcium is alkaline base. According to the coral calcium infomercial, taking coral calcium can cure up to 200 human diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.

Coral Calcium can cure all! That is the message that Dr Barefoot wants to sell and we should be wary of it. In addition to maintaining healthy bones, calcium is essential in the healthy functioning of the circulatory and nervous systems. However, there is no evidence that calcium can cure any diseases. There is also no evidence that alkalinizing our bodies can stop cancer or reverse any ailments. In addition, coral reef is protected by international laws and hence it is likely that these coral calcium supplements came from fossilized coral beds i.e. industrial waste.

Indeed, coral calcium is composed of mostly calcium carbonate, just like those you found in Tums or other calcium carbonate supplements from the stores! In addition, in June 2003, the Federal Trade Commission FTC has charged the marketers of Coral Calcium Supreme with making false and unsubstantiated claims about the product's health benefits. In Sept 2004, the marketer for Coral Calcium Supreme Kevin Trudeau (who has previously been jailed for credit card and financial fraud) was banned from appearing in other health-related informercials. For the details of these charges, visit

In January 2005, the Consumer Reports tested 2 brands of coral calcium supplements - both did not meet the California state's lead standard.

Coral Calcium key Message: If you are concerned with your heart health, you may want to look at Omega 3 fatty acids and fish oils and vegetables instead of coral calcium. If you are concerned with cancer risk, you may want to look at your antioxidants and vegetables intake instead of coral calcium. If you wish to take calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis, take the good old calcium carbonate or calcium citrate.

For more detailed information about Coral Calcium scam, please visit Be Wary of Coral Calcium and Robert Barefoot written by Dr Stephen Barrett of


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