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All nutrition information and advice published on are science-based and come from real-life, practicing Registered Dietitians. What are dietitians? We are medical professionals specialized in human nutrition and health. In addition to earning a Bachelors of Science Degree from an accredited post secondary institution, Registered Dietitians are required to have worked in a hospital setting helping patients manage their health through good nutrition. Dietitians also specialize in various areas such as diabetes, weight loss and even public health. And, we are foodies to boot! You can rest assured that information published here are trusted and science-based. Our reputation as a medical professional depends on it. has partnered with USDA to help get MyPyramid’s critical nutrition guidelines into the hands of those who need it most – the mothers who are often the grocery shoppers, chefs, and nutritional planners for their entire families.

Our Mission is the most comprehensive nutrition community run by Registered Dietitians on the Internet. Spreading the goodness of nutrition is our passion. Our mission is to empower people to better manage their health through healthy eating.

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Our community’s main focus is preventative health – this is a place where women can find fun and practical diet tips to reclaim their health. We do not preach the ABCs of nutrition, because that’s boring. Instead, we debunk diet myths and make sense of breaking nutrition news so that readers will learn the essence of healthy eating.

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