Gloria Tsang, Registered Dietitian

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Gloria enjoys spreading the goodness of nutrition. She is an accomplished nutrition expert, committed to helping people lead healthier lifestyles through nutrition education and awareness. Gloria does not preach the ABCs of Nutrition, because she believes that in order for nutrition to have a positive impact on people, it needs to be fun and practical. She debunks diet myths and makes sense of breaking nutrition news so that readers will learn the essence of healthy eating. Gloria’s articles have appeared on various media such as Reuters, NBC & ABC affiliates, The Chicago Sun-Times, Reader’s Digest Canada, iVillage and USA Today.

Gloria founded as a hobby site in 1997 when her father was diagnosed with cancer. Utilizing her wealth of knowledge as a registered dietitian, Gloria wrote and compiled cancer nutrition articles so that other families may also benefit from the information.

Since then, the HealthCastle Nutrition community has grown into a robust nutrition resource library. Prior to managing full-time, Gloria worked as a Hospital Manager with Mead Johnson Nutritionals and a Pediatric Nutrition Specialist with Abbott Laboratories, Ross Products Division. She is also a mentor for aspiring nutrition students through the Tri-Mentoring Program at UBC.

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