Toast William and Kate with British Royal Wedding Party Foods

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Celebrate the Royal Wedding with British-Themed Party Foods

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that April 29 marks the wedding of the decade – Prince William will marry Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London. We may not all be able to attend the royal wedding, but we can certainly get in the spirit by cozying up to the television coverage of the big day with an assortment of traditional British party foods, or hosting a traditional afternoon tea celebration.

Top Traditional British Foods for a Royal Wedding Celebration

British food may not be known for its excellent nutritional value (think heavy on meats and gravies, and plenty of deep-frying), but there are some lovely lighter options that will make for perfect celebration snacking while you watch William and Kate say “I do.”

Finger Sandwiches

A must for any afternoon tea, finger sandwiches are simply very small sandwiches with the crusts removed. They are served on thin-sliced bread and have simple fillings. Cucumber is a classic filling that is nice and light, and offers Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin A.

Scones and Cream with Strawberry Jam

Another classic afternoon tea food, scones and cream are actually quite heavy, and full of fat and calories. You can create a lighter version by serving mini homemade scones (perhaps with some raisins added for extra nutrition) with whipped light cream cheese instead of clotted cream and fresh sliced strawberries instead of strawberry jam.

Asparagus on Toast

This is more of a British breakfast or comfort food than a tea-time staple, so traditional recipes call for creaming the asparagus with eggs and butter and smearing the whole mess on toast. But you can create a lighter, finger-food version by simply serving slices of toast cut into quarters with a few inch-long pieces of asparagus on top, sprinkled with black pepper. They’ll look very dainty on your tea tray, and the asparagus packs a nutritional punch by providing fiber, protein, and Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K.

British Cheeses

The British are known for some powerful ,cheeses, including Stilton, aged cheddar, and Shropshire Blue. With so much flavor in each bite, even small cubes pack plenty of punch, so serve half-inch cubes with toothpicks for spearing. Cheese offers protein and calcium, but is also high in fat, so stick to a few bites of each type.


Of course, no British meal is complete without tea. A strong cup of English Breakfast or Earl Grey is the perfect accompaniment to the foods above, and it offers a ton of nutritional benefits, too. Tea offers antioxidant polyphenols, which can help fight cancer and heart diseases.

The Bottom Line

Whether you host a traditional afternoon tea party or simply watch the royal wedding with a couple of friends, you can capture the feeling of being there with these foods for a British celebration. From finger sandwiches to a good old “cuppa,” you’ve got healthy takes on traditional British foods to make sure your royal wedding celebration is one to remember.




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