New Food Products – Grocery Showcase West 2011 – Podcast


Check out some new food products we spotted at a grocery trade show.

Over 400 food companies gathered in Vancouver for the Annual Grocery Showcase Event this week. This is the second year we’re invited to be here. Let me take you to some of the great finds on the trade show floor.

From new food products, to fanciful gourmet, there’s no shortage of food samplings on the show floor. Some companies took this opportunity to introduce new product lines, like the Smart dinner from Kraft, and yogurt drinks with cholesterol-lowering plant sterols from Astro BioBest.

While many food companies told us about their healthy ingredients, it’s always nice to hear a human story behind a new product launch.

We also spotted a new way of ingredient list labeling. Instead of listing an array of ingredients by weight, McCain introduced a pizza line with ingredients breakdown based on the four basic components of making a pizza: Crust, then cheese, then sauce, then toppings.

My personal favorite find, is got to be finding whole grains!  I tried red rice the first time in Thailand last year, so I was excited to see them here. Whole grain red rice is gluten free, high in fiber, and is a great alternative if you like rice with nutty flavor and chewy texture.


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