Top 20 Super Foods You Should Eat More Of

Written By: Gloria Tsang, RD

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Everyone loves to know the “latest” super food list! I’ve come across some really fancy exotic recommendations; the problem is, I can’t find them in my grocery stores! Really, super foods don’t need to be exotic! They just need to pack nutrition punch! In my latest book, Go UnDiet, I’ve listed Top 60 Super Foods based on my recommended nutrition criteria.

Top 20 Super Foods You Should Eat More Of

Of the 60, I would pick the following 20 foods as the top:


How to Eat More Superfoods

Whether you are vegetarian or not, it’s easy to add superfoods to your diet. From fish, fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds to the Golden Beetroot, there is definitely a wide variety to superfoods to boost your health. No single food can offer all nutrition so think variety! Use the list above and add easily more superfoods into your family’s diet.


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